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    Helping motorcycle taxis get legal

    Day 254

    A Driver’s License

    In Uganda, one of the easiest ways to get around is by Boda Boda – motorcycle taxi. And in Kyangwali, it’s pretty much the only way to get from A to B, other than by foot. A couple of years ago, we launched a social business in Kyangwali to help these taxi drivers do two things: make a living providing their customers with safer rides and work to prevent violence against women in the settlement.

    There are dozens of boda boda drivers in Kyangwali. But before Safe Ride came along, only one driver in the whole of Kyangwali had their license. With Safe Ride, we’ve done a bit better – 5 people now have official licenses as boda boda drivers. Why? Because getting a license is expensive.

    Drivers with a license have more protection were an accident to occur. And riders definitely feel more confident having a licensed boda boda driver. But boda boda drivers make very little money, and a license is beyond their reach.

    So, on Day 254, we wanted to put a license within reach of all the boda boda taxi drivers in Kyangwali. With Changemakers 365, we have a $500 budget to work with. So, we put these funds to work immediately, giving 3 more drivers a loan so they can get their licenses!

    “Having a driving license, confidence in me is high,” Boda Boda driver Ochienge told us. “No one can intimidate me. I can be paid in case of an accident, and I’ll never have to run from police because of having no permit.”

    Ochienge and the other two drivers will repay this loan at 5% interest. Once they’ve repaid their loan in full, funds will be available for the next driver to get his license. And on, and on. The interest payments will go into a fund shared by all of the boda bodas.

    It won’t take long before every driver in Kyangwali is fully licensed and legal.

    Another change made possible by Atomic Data.

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