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    Making using the toilet safer, healthier

    Day 226

    A Healthier Latrine

    The last week or so, we’ve been doing the doable for ARC humanitarian teams around the world, asking our teams: how can we use $500 to make your work a little easier? Our South Sudan team endures some of the most challenging conditions.

    Yesterday, we got hold of a deep freezer for our team that runs the hospital in Aweil, South Sudan. They wanted to be able to prepare and freeze their meals in advance, so they’d have more time for their patients and themselves and less time cooking.

    Today on Day 226, we’re with our team in Kapoeta South, South Sudan where ARC has a field office and provides health care and other vital services. The Kapoeta team wanted something so simple – a safe, comfortable latrine.

    Right now the Kapoeta team has an open pit latrine. With no cover, the flies and mosquitoes can move freely in the latrine. It’s certainly unpleasant, and it poses a very real health concern for our team.

    This kind of problem is what Changemakers 365 was made for. The team got a mason out right away to take care of the latrines. With cement, ceramic tiles a ceramic toilet cover and a day’s work, the latrines were transformed.

    “I’m very happy,” said Jonathan Obirai, ARC Senior Nurse in Kapoeta. “A cleaner and hygienic environment means less risk to infectious disease, and this directly affects us and our work.

    Our team in Kapoeta and everyone in South Sudan deals with some very challenging and difficult issues. We’re glad that going to the toilet will no longer be a concern for the team.

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