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    Clear, consistent, and for the community

    Day 300

    A Little Reminder

    Yesterday we dedicated some time to learning more about the community we serve. It only took a few hours. It was simple. But the knowledge we gained opened our eyes to what we’re doing right, and what we could be doing better.

    One of the most surprising things we learned from our day of research was that many people who live in the town of Mudaka, where the third Asili clinic is located, didn’t know much about our clinic there! They had seen the signs, the white building and the beautiful gardens, but weren’t sure exactly what services were offered, at what price. Most people we spoke with used our nearby water kiosk regularly, but had never visited the clinic.

    A huge part of Asili is a deep belief in our brand promise – clarity, consistency, and community. So on Day 300, we took a small step to make sure that everyone in our community knows what we’re all about.

    The kiosk in Mudaka is a mere few hundred feet from the Asili clinic. There’s no good reason that everyone who comes to purchase Asili water shouldn’t feel like they can access all of the services Asili has to offer.

    An easy fix? List the clinic services, prices, and hours – which are all written on all the clinic’s walls – on the wall of the water kiosk, for all to see.

    The team is planning on painting the kiosk wall, but in the meantime, they came up with something they could do in a day – a bright and colorful banner.

    Abraham, Asili Country Director, was right in the thick of things, helping to pull the banner up the wall. “This was something really simple,” he said. “But it will have a huge impact. It’s so important just to try things. Who knows what might grow from them.”

    It took just a few hours to design the banner, get it printed, and hang it up. But now, the clinic will be much more visible to the thousands of people who pass by the kiosk each day. It’s a very simple idea. But this simple change means that so many more people will know about the lifesaving services Asili has to offer. And that will make a world of difference.

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