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    Creating a nap area for the Youth Center's littlest ones

    Day 148

    A Little Rest

    Little kids have so much energy. But sometimes, they wear themselves out. Those times call for a nap.

    The Catholic Sisters who run the preschool and kindergarten programs at their Youth Center really wanted a space where the kids could take a break. A comfy spot where, if they needed to, the little ones could wind down and dream for just a few minutes.

    “Sometimes the teachers bring towels for the kids to use during naptimes,” said Dorita, a coordinator at the center who works with the littlest kids.

    We thought we could help them do better than that.

    Today, we created a nap area for the kids at the Youth Center, complete with pillows, light blankets, and kid-sized mattresses.

    Right away, the kids hugged their pillows tight and laid on the mattresses to practice napping. There was a bit more squirming and laughing than what normally happens during naptime, but the teachers were thrilled.

    “I felt really happy when I found out about this!” said Dorita. “I saw the little kids hug the pillows, and I was really satisfied. Not just for the kids that are here, but the kids who will come in the future.”

    Later, during “real” naptime, Sister Conchi told us that they put on relaxing music for the kids, and that they were so orderly getting ready for their nap.

    “They lined up their shoes and walked to their mattresses really quietly,” she said. “After they woke up they lined up to go out and quietly put on their shoes. It was really cute!”

    Kids don’t always love naptime, but for these youngsters, it’s sometimes a bit special. They feel safe, protected, and can rest soundly.

    It was special for Dorita, too. “This fills me with happiness!”

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