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    31 days of gratitude for people who make our work possible

    Day 335

    A Month of Thanks

    December is a month for reflection, for giving and gratitude. For returning kindnesses, showing appreciation to the people in our lives who mean so much to us.

    That’s why this entire month of Changemakers 365 will be all about giving thanks. We went to our field teams in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and more and asked them – who are the heroes out of the spotlight? Who makes our work possible? Whose day can we make by giving them an unexpected and joyful “thank you!”?

    We’re kicking off this month of generosity in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda, where we serve over 120,000 refugees. But our work there wouldn’t be possible without the incredible people we work with. So for Day 335, we’re thanking someone who goes above and beyond in her work for refugees – an all-star foster mom, Mama Noume.

    Mama Noume is one of those people who seem to have a bottomless well of kindness within them. As a refugee living in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, she’s taken it upon herself to support young women in Nakivale who really need it – young teenage mothers.

    “She’s started a business to help single mothers and girls learn tailoring skills so that they’re able to support themselves,” says Sonia, who works on our Protection team in Nakivale. “She teaches them how to make reusable sanitary pads, and we’ve been working with her to build that program.”

    But Mama Noume has done something even more incredible – she helps to foster teenage mothers, who many in the community don’t want to take care of.

    So for Day 335, we’re putting Mama Noume first for a change – thanking her with a shopping spree!

    “Since the teenage girls have their own babies,” explained Sonia, “the community feels they are an extra burden on top of the challenges they already have here. Mama Noume takes them in when no one else will.”

    Many of the girls she fosters are victims of sexual violence. “So they’re dealing both with a new baby and also recovering from trauma themselves.”

    Because of her kindness, Mama Noume has not one but two extra people in her household to support. So going on a shopping spree – getting her some things to stock her kitchen – will make supporting these girls just a little easier this month.

    We surprised Mama Noume at her home and tailoring shop, then took her to the local market, where she picked out her choice of tomatoes, onions, beans, rice, flour, and more.

    “She’s been a big support,” said Sonia. “I’m so happy to have this chance to thank her.”

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