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    Taking care of customers

    DAY 89

    A Place to Sit

    We know that taking care of a whole person – both their emotional and mental health – can be just as important as making sure they have enough food to eat every day. And in Bidi Bidi, one of our main jobs is to make sure that people are getting what they need to heal from the emotional distresses they’ve been through.

    Our community help desks are one of the ways we do that. We work with mothers who are experiencing physical abuse. With fathers who need to find the right resources to provide for their families. These help desks are places where people are at their most vulnerable – where they open up about their lives, their fears and their hopes.

    But right now, something’s missing in these places – there’s not enough places to sit. On Day 89, we realized there was an easy fix.

    The ARC team bought benches and chairs for ARC’s community centers and help desks, and delivered them throughout the settlement.

    “We realized that when mothers or any vulnerable person comes, we don’t have anywhere to sit and wait,” said Festo, one of our ARC team members. “These new benches will ensure that they are comfortable.”

    Now, instead of sitting on the ground, people can feel a little more dignity, especially during great times of need. “This is for comfort,” said Festo. “For them to be sure that where they’re going, there will be care. We are there to help them open up to us so we can provide the support. This is a small way of doing customer service.”

    It’s simple, but these benches are a reminder to people in Bidi Bidi that we’re thinking about their well being. And sometimes, that’s one of the most important things we can do.

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