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    A new tool for a pillar of the community

    Day 353

    A Sewing Machine for Adam

    Today we have an incredible story of a community looking after one of their own. Our story takes place on a shop corner in the main market of El Deain. Beneath the shade of the shop sits our friend, Adam.

    Adam Saeed Fashir is a fixture of this marketplace. “I have been working as a tailor for 50 years, inside and outside Sudan, I worked for many years in Libya. I have three children and my brother died years ago leaving behind five children, so I have a big responsibility.”

    But eight days ago, Adam’s sewing machine broke down. “As you see,” he said with a sigh, “since that day I am not working.” He’d been trying to repair his machine to no avail, and you could tell he was feeling the pressure.

    It was time for a new sewing machine! When we returned the next day, we found Adam still tinkering away, trying to repair his old machine. He smiled when he saw us pulling out a brand-new model!

    “I am very glad, now I can continue doing my work! The machine that you gave me will help me a lot. I am asking God to give me the strength and power to keep working. Thank you very much,” Adam said.

    One of the people in the marketplace saw what was happening and came over. He said, “I have been working here for a long time, and I know Adam very well. He really deserves your support. Thank you again and God bless you.”

    With this new machine, we know Adam is getting right back to work. We wish him a successful 51st year of tailoring—and many more to come!

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