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    Supporting refugee families in difficult times

    Day 9

    All in the Family

    Caring for your family is incredibly important in South Sudanese culture. But sometimes, refugee families have a tough time making ends meet, making that care painfully difficult. So for Day 9, we’re helping two girls in Omaha support their loved ones in a way they can be proud of.

    Nyalat and Nyabuom – both members of Girls for Africa – have close family members who are ill.

    Several months ago, Nyalat’s dad suffered a stroke and lost his ability to speak. He’s now living in a nursing home in West Omaha, where Nyalat and her family visit him daily. Nyabuom’s uncle had kidney failure and was awaiting a liver transplant for over a year. Fortunately, just last week, he was given a transplant and underwent surgery. He’s recently returned home to recover.

    Nyalat and Nyabuom wanted to do something special for their dad and uncle to let them know that they’re in their hearts and minds.

    Together, they brainstormed items to make their loved ones more comfortable as they heal – fleece blankets, warm slippers, compression socks, deodorant, and an electric razor.

    “My uncle just came from Africa last year. His liver wasn’t working so well. He’s trying to recover from surgery now and the gifts will help him feel better sooner,” said Nyabuom.

    “My dad’s stroke caused his right side of his body not to work. He’ll feel comfort when he receives these and he will know that we are with him,” said Nyalat.

    These gestures of generosity are something small. But they’ll give Nyabuom’s uncle and Nyalat’s dad some joy and comfort during their difficult times. They’ll remind them that their families value and care for them always, whether in South Sudan or a world away.

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