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    Helping Rubondo's students get what they need to thrive

    Day 184

    All Packed Up

    Only 62 students are enrolled in Rubondo Secondary School‘s schools Senior 1 and Senior 2 classes this term. Part of the problem is that students can’t afford to pay for school fees, and even if they can, many of them struggle to get basic materials they need to succeed in their classes.

    We wanted to take away that worry for as many as we could…

    We found some durable backpacks and packed them with supplies that the students and teachers had wished for — erasers for their notes, fine arts pencils, colored pens, math class supplies like protractors and compasses, umbrellas for walking in the rain or bright sun, and more.

    A group of visitors from the US packed 80 backpacks, so that the current students could be stocked up with school supplies and new enrollees would be welcomed to the school with supplies too!

    As the students walked in one by one, a traveler slipped a backpack over their shoulder, like a parent sending their student off to their first day of school. It was a truly touching moment! Starting next term, these kids will show up to class with backpacks full, ready and all set to learn.

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