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    Sometimes, you just have to ask

    DAY 64

    An Abundance of Ideas

    The hardest thing about doing the doable is knowing where to start. But most of the time, it all comes down to something very simple – asking people for their ideas.

    “They have so many ideas,” Paul said of the volunteers at Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Paul is the Site Manager for ARC’s operations in Bidi Bidi. “I just want them to be able to share them, and to act on them. That’s what Changemakers 365 is about.”

    So for Day 64, we decided to bring their ideas to light – to put them on paper, to spark action and inspiration. We held an ideation session with our volunteers – a free-thinking, anything goes workshop on big ideas and new solutions. And it all starts with an excessive amount of post-it notes.

    These volunteers have been exposed to the incredible hardships of so many people – so when asked how to improve their lives, the ideas flowed freely.

    During the ideation session, the team recorded almost 200 ideas they have to help refugees in Bidi Bidi. Some of their ideas focused on brightening the hard days in the desert with a little fun. Some reflected the stories many of them have heard while supporting victims of abuse and violence.

    “This team is passionate about the communities they work in,” said Brent, an ARC team member on the ground in Bidi Bidi. “When I told them we could start immediately implementing some of their ideas, they simply asked to write down more.”

    Tomorrow – on International Women’s Day – we’ll complete the first of our volunteers’ ideas! We’ll spend the day with an inspiring group of women at Bidi Bidi – who find joy through dance, tradition, and celebrating their rich cultures from home. See you then!

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