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    Launching a brand new service in Eastern Congo, one step at a time

    Day 1

    Around the Clock

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of street markets, motorcycle taxis, and uniformed students walking the winding hills of Eastern Congo, Asili stands apart.

    Launched in 2014 with the aim of bringing world-class healthcare and consistent, clean, and reliable water sources to people in the region, Asili’s social enterprise services and signature brand have quickly become beacons of hope and pride in these communities. The clinics offer primary healthcare in areas where even basic treatments and quality (i.e. unexpired) medications aren’t readily available. Their clean, white buildings catch people’s attention—but their reputation for quality keeps customers coming back.

    Asili has become a trusted, respected brand throughout the region. And that’s why its customers want even more. This week, with the help of Changemakers 365, we’re helping them launch a series of new initiatives that will have an even greater impact on Asili’s businesses—and the community it serves.

    First up, the Asili medical team was particularly keen to prototype a clinic service that customers have been asking for since the very beginning….overnight observation stays.

    Right now, Asili’s clinics offer primary healthcare and operate only during the day. But the overnight stay is all about being there for the community around the clock. Because everyone knows that accidents, infections, and illnesses don’t only arrive between the hours of 7am – 5:30pm. Having nurses on hand and a room where people can be observed overnight would help treat patients who need that extra level of care—any time of the day.

    “The patients appreciate the clinic,” said Dr. Johnny. “But they ask, ‘What if my son is sick at 9pm? And you close your door at 5pm? We’d like to see your clinics be open 24/7. People in rural areas also walk long distances to get to the clinic. Imagine all this way only to find that it’s closed?”

    But before the team dove into developing this service, the team wanted to talk to the community first—to see what they thought about the idea, who might be interested, and what kind of service they expect and need.

    To help the team break through that first barrier and move straight into action, our first Changemakers 365 project is to help hire a research team to conduct a neighborhood study.

    “In the history of Asili, most of our ideas, our big ideas, have always begun with the community,” said Dr. Johnny. “The overnight stay idea came from the community. So we needed to go back to them and learn more.”

    One of the biggest things they learned? Something they’ve known for a while, but was greatly reinforced – the importance of consistency, and fairness in treatment. “People want to know that they’ll be treated equally and without discrimination, and that prices won’t change. That’s something we can do.”

    Photos by Lens on Life photographers, Operation Goma (DRC): Kennedy Ngoa and Michel Basizi 

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