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    An opportunity to reflect and improve

    Day 263

    Around the Fire

    The way Changemakers 365 works is not business as usual in Kyangwali settlement. And that is what is so great about it. Most of the time, our team in Kyangwali is working on years-long projects and working to move the needle and make a measurable impact with the refugee community. It’s incredibly critical work, but there’s often not room (or funds) for doing the doable – recognizing small, emerging problems and acting fast to create change that will make a big impact.

    So, as our time in Kyangwali is winding down, we thought we’d host a little gathering of the whole ARC team that have been working on the Changemakers 365 projects for the last month. An opportunity to celebrate what has been accomplished and look ahead to what is next. And what better way to do that than around a fire.

    On Day 263, we hosted a staff campfire. We thanked the team for their hard work with dinner and treats. And we talked about what went well, what was hard and what we could have done better.

    We also talked about how to bring Changemakers 365 forward into their everyday work – how everyone could be more creative, and more open to all the different types of change that can be possible. And about how Changemakers 365 can be a resource to the team if they see something in the future and need to do the doable.

    But our works not done yet in Kyangwali. Stay tuned for seven more days…

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