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    Helping one busy woman stay active

    Day 345

    Back on Her Feet

    Getting around in East Darfur can be difficult. It’s especially treacherous in the rainy season, when even cars and donkey carts struggle to move from place to place.

    But mobility is must, especially when you’re the sole provider for your household. Meet Tabis Jabir Wad Jabir, a South Sudanese refugee living in Elnimir camp in search of a little boost.

    While fleeing South Sudan, Tabis lost one of her legs. Though she has a prosthetic leg, it’s old, broken, and doesn’t fit correctly.

    “I’ve been wearing this leg for two years, and recently I don’t feel comfortable,” Tabis explained. “I can’t bend to get water, and when I do, I can’t stand up, so someone must be with me. But I have big responsibilities.”

    It’s true—Tabis has a lot on her plate. During their journey, Tabis’ husband lost his vision and is now completely blind. On top of looking after him, she also supports their five children. But with her limited mobility, Tabis had been feeling stuck.

    Luckily, our staff had a plan! If Tabis’ leg fit better, she’d be back on her feet and standing strong. So, the doctor at her local clinic took measurements and we ordered a new leg from Khartoum!

    Though 365 projects usually happen fast, with Tabis’ leg, we knew we had to take our time. After all, getting the right fit is the key to comfort. We helped Tabis travel to get the leg fitted and to make sure it felt just right. And just three weeks later, Tabis has a brand-new leg to stand on, keeping her confident and capable in all she does.

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