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    Sharing a meal with friends and neighbors

    DAY 46

    Breaking Bread

    For the next few weeks – with the help of our wonderful neighbors – we’re reaching out to refugees in our own backyard. We’re taking this opportunity to work with refugees in our own communities, to welcome, support, and get to know them in a way we don’t always get the chance to do.

    It comes as no surprise to us that when many refugees arrive in the Twin Cities, once they find their feet again, they’re off and running – starting businesses, becoming local leaders, and using their unique skills to contribute to the community. So for Day 46, we’re showing our support to one of those very businesses – Flamingo, a refugee-owned and operated restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota. And, we’re thanking some of the people who make ARC possible – our dedicated volunteers – by treating them to an authentic East African meal.


    As soon as you walk into Flamingo, with its pink accents and inviting, home-cooked aromas, you can tell that the restaurant is a labor of love. “I wanted to work for me,” says Frey, co-owner and founder. “I worked my butt off to be successful. And I’ve been doing this seven years now.”

    As 10 of ARC’s dedicated volunteers and several HQ team members gathered around the table, Frey told us about how she came to live in Minnesota. “I’m from Eritrea, but I had to leave home when I was 18. I had to walk through the desert, but I eventually made my way to Sudan. I was lucky – not everybody made it there.”

    “I’ve been in America for many years now. What I’ve learned is that this is a land of opportunity. You can be who you want to be once you come here. You can be successful or not successful – it’s up to you. That’s what makes America unique. It doesn’t matter the background of your religion or where you come from – there’s opportunity here.”


    Frey introduced the group to the delicious foods in the family-style meal before them, and everyone dug in. Over conversation, with injera in hand, our volunteers got to know each other just a bit better, united by a common cause of wanting to do what they can in Minnesota for refugees around the world.


    Frey is just one example of the refugees and former refugees we meet every day – people with the strength, resolve, and ingenuity to do something amazing, against the odds. We were proud to support Frey’s business in this small way, and to show our deep appreciation for our wonderful volunteers who make what we do possible.

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