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    Helping the albino community in Nakivale get around safely at night

    Day 54

    Bright Lights

    The albino community in Nakivale is tough. Often a population that is marginalized and discriminated against, they’ve been through a lot. But despite it all, the community sticks together.

    It’s tough for many of us to imagine the absolute darkness that is Nakivale at night. But for albino people, they have no choice but to spend most of their time outside in early morning or evening hours – their skin is extremely sensitive to the sun.

    “They always have a challenge of movement and working at night,” said Andrew from the ARC Uganda team. “They can’t afford paraffin, they can’t afford electricity. So it’s difficult to get things done. Plus, it’s dangerous for them to walk around the settlement in the evening.”

    Thanks to The Shine On Project, we had an idea – bringing a reliable, sun-powered source of light to guide these families in the dark.

    Through the The Shine On Project, we were able to give them 45 solar-powered headlamps from Watts of Love!

    Kids and parents alike gathered together to get their small gift, smiling and cheering. Shyness seemed to melt away as everyone grew more comfortable with each other.

    The headlamps will be an incredible asset to providing a little extra safety and security for them in Nakivale – but they were also so excited to have a visit from new people. They don’t get visitors too often!

    “These lights will really help them to see at night,” said Andrew. “They are so grateful for this. You’ve made them very happy!”

    Being a refugee under any circumstances isn’t easy. And for the albino people in Nakivale, in many ways they’re refugees twice over – first from their home countries, and then often from the mainstream camp population. Showing them some extra love and kindness with solar headlamps won’t make their challenges go away. But it’s a small reminder that they’re not alone. That they have friends to shine a light, if just a small one, in even the darkest times.

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