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    Thanking those who make it all happen

    DAY 57

    Celebrating Volunteers

    At ARC, we believe in the goodwill of everyday people. And that’s because time and time again, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, we’ve seen an abundance of amazing individuals step forward to do amazing things for each other. These are people who make our programs happen, day in and day out – often outside of the limelight. And in many cases, they’re volunteers. From Nakivale and Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlements in Uganda to Minneapolis, Minnesota, volunteers jump in and make things happen.

    For Day 57, we wanted to do something special for these volunteers near home – something unexpected. Knowing the power of breaking bread together – sharing a meal and relaxed conversation – we decided to take a group of these dedicated people out to dinner to say thank you. And what better place to go than a refugee owned business – Safari Restaurant in Minneapolis.

    Serving up traditional Somali and East Africa dishes, Safari is more than just a restaurant – it’s a place of community, too. The staff at Safari are cultural ambassadors of Minnesota’s Somali population, opening their doors to all who are interested in trying some Kushamber or Mogdishawi. (Not sure what that is? Go to Safari to find out!)

    For the gathered volunteers, the dinner at Safari was a perfect time and place to try some new, adventurous foods, enjoy each other’s company, and feel the enormous gratitude we have for everything they do for us.

    Laughter abounded and plates were cleaned as the group chatted about why they dedicate their time to ARC, what it’s meant to them, and all the things they’ve seen and experienced with us. Some were veteran volunteers who have lent their time to pulling off ARC’s annual Changemakers Ball year after year, others help with mailings at ARC’s headquarters, and still others were new to this work – but all have helped make ARC feel abundant with their generosity.

    With just a simple dinner, volunteers had the opportunity to swap stories and connect over a shared sense of purpose, all at a refugee-owned restaurant they may not have tried otherwise. And we’re grateful for the opportunity to say thank you for everything they do for us – and for the goodwill they bring to the table, each and every day.

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