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    Tools to help women navigate a safer future

    DAY 11

    Being a Guide

    On the last day of the Safe House Makeover, we’re tying up loose ends.

    The Safe House is a physical place for women and families to recover. Over the last 10 days we’ve shared how truly important it is that we care for all of the details related to this place of healing. The improvements to the Safe House will change dramatically the experience of women in the days and weeks following trauma.

    But, fortunately, we have much more to offer women than a safe and comforting environment. Day 11 is all about making sure guests at the Safe House are connected to the many opportunities and services that are available to help with the healing process. ARC offers counseling, referral support, legal and other services – we also have a help hotline in times of emergency. And other organizations at Nakivale offer services that can help women through the healing process, too. The challenge is that women need a guide to help them understand and navigate the options and make a plan for the future.


    Each room now includes a cell phone, pre-loaded with key contact information so women can get in touch with ARC staff, counselors and others whenever they need to. It’s available for use while guests are staying in the Safe Houses. The phone will ensure that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, will be able to get in touch when they have a question, need support or just a listening ear.


    One element of ensuring that all guests who stay in the Safe House know their options is by making those options visible and present, all the time. So we installed a Resource Center bulletin board inside each of the Safe House rooms.

    Displayed prominently on each board is ARC’s hotline, which guests can call with any questions in case of emergency, as well as a poster describing exactly what services are offered in Nakivale and how to access them. The bulletin board is also an opportunity for ARC staff to communicate any changes, updates, or vital information they feel is necessary to keep the guests well informed. And there is plenty of space for guests to share additional resources with women who come to the Safe House after them.

    Connecting the Safe Houses to the wider scope of ARC’s services is key to making them fully functional, healing spaces – and getting women the extra support they need to rebuild their lives.


    Our team has been inspired by the transformation of this safe haven – and we hope you have, too. Your support helped make it happen.

    DON’T MISS TOMORROW – when we’ll share with you the reactions of the community when the new and improved Safe House is finally revealed.

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