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    Maternity ward update with some paint and a few simple touches

    DAY 21

    A Bright, Clean Delivery

    Today we returned to Ariwa Health Center to continue with more improvements to the suddenly very busy local medical facility.

    After painting the Post Natal Ward last week, we still have enough paint left for the team to create a more comforting environment for women as they actually give birth. So, today we’re tackling the delivery room itself.


    The team got to work straight away. The room needed a deep cleaning, so we started there with mops, squeegees, water, suds and plenty of elbow grease. Then we applied paint to the walls and the brand new ceiling – including a pop of color in the bright pink window shades!

    A few small changes in the delivery room were going to make a big impact. “We just need a simple cloth and a table cover to make this a better experience for mothers and babies,” Sonia said (Sonia is one of ARC Uganda’s hardworking teammembers. Since the ARC team launched our response in Bidi Bidi, staff like Sonia have worked tirelessly – taking only a day or two off in several weeks).


    To the left of the delivery bed there is a table where babies are helped with their first breaths. Once the “Golden Minute” has passed, the babies are weighed and vital signs are taken. We made a few simple signs that communicate critical information and can serve as a reminder to the medical staff of important actions. And we left materials behind so the Ariwa team can create new signs.

    With a simple coat of paint, a few new fixtures, a deep cleaning and of course a new ceiling, the Ariwa Health Center can get back to what they do best – the safe delivery of babies and the first crucial moments of uniting mother with child.

    Tomorrow, we’ll meet Ariwa’s midwives – the people helping refugee mothers as they give birth far from home.

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