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    Finding the perfect person to help in the tough times

    DAY 25

    A Little Help From a Friend

    ARC’s number one job in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement is looking out for the most vulnerable among the already at-risk men, women, and children who have arrived there.

    So when we set off to work at Ariwa Health Center, in the middle of Bidi Bidi, one need was simple – determining who exactly would look out for those patients who need a little extra help.

    “Some people come alone to the health center with no people to sit with them, to help them get water, to help them find food,” said Hildah, the Protection Manager for ARC in Bidi Bidi.

    The solution? Hire a caretaker for the health center, whose job it is to look after those folks. So on Day 25 ARC staff set out to find the perfect person, someone who would lend a caring, supportive hand to those going through some of the toughest times in their lives. And because of the extensive network ARC has already built in the new settlement, finding Suzan was easy.

    IMG_3605 (1)

    “I want to help my people,” Suzan said. “I want to help them whenever necessary. There are some people who will come to the facility without anybody. A mother will come alone and give birth and have no one to give her porridge. I will say, ‘You feel free. I am here to help you.’”

    She explained that “helping mothers here will help the whole community. If you help mothers they will go back to the community and say, ‘This health facility is good. Even if you come alone there will be somebody there to care for you. So you don’t have to be afraid.’”

    IMG_3585 (1)

    The ARC team quickly equipped Suzan with the tools she’ll need to help in the facility, including a few cleaning supplies and a medical uniform.

    The next day Suzan went to work. And within hours Hildah truly learned how helpful Suzan could be. “She is already translating for them,” Hildah said. “And we found out she also has her papers from South Sudan. She is a midwife!” Suzan is going to fit right in.

    We’re proud to welcome Suzan to the ARC team and glad to have found a teammate who can make such an impact!

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    With the health center in Ariwa refurbished and ready to support patients now more than ever, it’s time to share the transformation with the community. And tomorrow, we’ll do just that. See you then!

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