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    Somewhere safe and comfortable to talk

    DAY 29

    A Place to Sit

    After our team built a brand new Protection Center in Bidi Bidi, Vivienne was looking for a place to sit inside. Vivienne is a Protection volunteer for ARC in Bidi Bidi, and it’s her job to help refugees connect to resources available in the camp.

    “I collect information from them. They tell me what their needs are, and I pass it over to teams who can help,” she said. But despite the new work space, we had yet to designate a comfortable spot for Vivienne to sit and talk with her community.

    So on Day 29, we decided to ensure that Vivienne and her colleagues have that place to sit. A place to talk with refugees seeking support.


    The ARC team purchased chairs and desks, with a simple notebook and pen. Pencils and pens are at the ready, and plants kept neatly on top of the desk make visitors feel at home.

    We also bought some toys and games for the kids, who often come along with their parents. “We have toys now, so the moms can let their children play,” Vivienne added. “Then they talk to me about their issues.”


    With just a few simple additions, this pop-up city is starting to feel like a community. Equipped with a confidential space to share serious issues and a comfortable, relaxing place to sit, Vivienne and other members of the ARC team can truly focus on the most important part of their job – helping those who need it most.

    There are many needs at Bidi Bidi Refugee settlement. But our task is to see the opportunity in the face of great need, and to seize it. We know that someone’s perspective can change forever from one simple act of kindness – one kind word, or thoughtful act. So tomorrow, we’re turning our attention to some of the most vulnerable in Bidi Bidi – unaccompanied minors – and doing one simple thing to make their day just a little brighter.

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