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    A network of support

    Day 31

    Staying Connected

    Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement is enormous. It takes hours to drive across the entire settlement, with villages scattered throughout the desert landscape. Hildah, Protection Manager for ARC in Bidi Bidi, manages the team of ARC volunteers who work throughout these small villages. And they have a big job – they build relationships with leaders, children, moms – anyone who comes to them with a special need. They connect refugees to resources that ARC provides, helping them to navigate through the camp.

    This volunteer team comes from all over Uganda, some from far away and others from the nearby villages that surround Bidi Bidi. Many have their own financial challenges. Still, they are dedicated to building this network. To helping as many people as they can.

    “But when someone has a special need or even an emergency, they need somehow to call us. They need cell phones to communicate,” Hildah explained.

    A simple solution? Equipping these volunteers with cell phones.


    Each of our volunteers spend every day out in a settlement village – on their own. So when someone comes to them with an urgent need, they need a way to get help quickly. This was a problem we could solve.


    Now, the volunteers are equipped with both cell phones and airtime credit – which allows them cell phone service. They’ll be able to call the ARC team at a moment’s notice to troubleshoot problems or get emergency help. They’ve already spent months building networks in each of the villages they work in. Now, they’ll be able to connect these networks and provide greater support.


    The story of Bidi Bidi is one of extreme hardship, yes, but it’s also one of incredible heroism. These Ugandan volunteers are the true heroes on the frontlines of the crisis, giving their all each and every day to people who are simply searching for a safe place to rest, to take a breath and find some peace. Providing volunteers with cell phones was just one simple step toward making their work that much more powerful.

    On Day 32, we’re going back out into the heart of these communities, reaching out to refugees who may have trouble finding even the most basic items needed to get by in this brand new tent city.

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