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    Welcoming in the community

    DAY 37

    Open Doors

    Asili – ARC’s first social enterprise in Congo – was designed not only with Congolese communities in mind, but hand-in-hand with them. We sat down with mothers, kids, fathers, and entire communities, in their homes and in their villages. We asked what they needed, what was missing, and what might make the most impact on their lives.

    That’s how Asili was born. Delivering world-class quality services at prices that Congolese communities can afford, Asili represents a shift in what’s possible – for ARC and for Congo.

    The Asili team knows the importance of community pride – in keeping Asili businesses something that everyone can take joy in. So when construction began on the third and newest Asili clinic in Mudaka, a market town that sees thousands of people pass through each day, the team wanted a way for the people of Mudaka to really take ownership. To realize that the clinic is theirs, too.

    And one of the best ways to do that is to keep our doors open – and invite people in. So that’s just what we did.

    On Day 37, the Asili team held a community Open House for their brand new Asili clinic in Mudaka. With the paint just drying on the walls, the last detail put in place, the doors were opened for all to see.

    Adrienne, head nurse, and Dr. Ange, Asili’s Medical Director, took groups on tours of the clinic. Curious families walked through the clinic’s halls, admiring the neatly stacked waiting numbers, the brightly colored animals on the wall, the clean consultation rooms.


    Mama Salome, Asili’s community liaison, showed groups of curious kids how it all worked – what they can expect when they come to the clinic, who will greet them, and what type of questions the nurses will ask.


    The King of Kabare gave the new Asili zone the warmest welcome we’ve ever received since the start of the project, saying “Karibu” (meaning welcome) followed by a two handed handshake – the Congolese way to show gratitude. The King rules over the area of eastern Congo where the first three Asili clinics have taken root. And he’s been a steadfast friend to Asili since the very beginning. His presence and warm welcome signaled to all that this was truly something for – and by – Congolese communities.


    It may be small, but this simple step says so much. By opening our doors, we’re saying that all are welcome. That the clinic is for Congo. That this change is for you.

    Tomorrow, we’ll take another look at how the team is continuing to ensure that Asili is accessible to everyone – and putting kids at the center of change, and of hope.

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