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    Investing in Congo's Kids

    DAY 38

    Asili’s Generation

    We believe deeply in the power of Congo’s next generation to shift what’s possible for the country. To change things for the better. And, our hope for Asili is to spark that change. The question is – how can we encourage even more families to come to our clinics, to make clean water a priority? And how can we do more to invest in Congo’s kids, in promoting the importance of healthy practices for generations to come?

    So far, we’ve been encouraging Asili customers to come to us. But on Day 38, the Asili team decided – it was time to go to them. They quickly came up with an idea to test, and went straight to the community to try it out.

    The team developed a small pamphlet called a “shahidi,” meant for kids, which details reasons why drinking and using safe water is the best way to stay healthy. The shahidis also show the youngest Asili customers how to safely wash their hands. And, importantly, on the back is a coupon for Asili clinics, encouraging kids – and their families – to visit when they need to.


    Leading the team were two of Asili’s all-stars – Mama Salome and Mama Josée. They visit families in villages almost every day as Asili’s brand ambassadors, sitting with mothers, fathers, and kids and talking to them about their lives.


    With shahidis in hand, Mama Salome and Mama Josée went from village to village, gathering children, giving them a lesson on safe handwashing, and handing them glasses of cool, refreshing Asili water.


    The Mamas explained that the coupon in the back was to give to their parents, so that the whole family can test out the Asili clinic.

    The kids were eager to share what they learned with their families, running to elder brothers and sisters and giving them the lesson, too.


    Access to clean water and health care has been a real problem in eastern Congo for decades. But now, Asili water and clinics are available at prices that Congolese families can afford. That’s why the shahidis and handwashing lessons are such an important first step. They help to ensure that the next generation of Congoelse kids grows up knowing how to keep their families healthy, for decades to come.

    Tomorrow, we’ll take another look at how Asili’s clean water is changing the everyday lives of people in Congo – kids and adults alike.

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