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    Investing in Team Asili

    DAY 40

    In It Together

    The Asili team on the ground spend their days figuring out how to make world-class quality businesses work in eastern Congo. After decades of war and instability in their country, they are dedicated to building a brighter future.

    It might be surprising to learn that even the staff members of the Asili team who live in the city have difficulty getting clean water to drink. And each day when they travel to the villages where Asili’s services are located – sometimes an hour or more away – they often go without water. Or if they do have water, they’ll bring plastic water bottles that don’t convey their trust in Asili water to the community.

    So on Day 40, we decided to do one thing to ensure that the Asili team had fresh, clean water to drink – especially when they’re doing the work to keep Asili going. Get them some Asili water bottles.


    Now, every team member on the ground in Congo has an Asili water bottle that they can bring with them everywhere they go – and fill with Asili water. The impact of the water bottles is twofold – our team has clean, refreshing water to drink while they work, and the community clearly sees that our team drinks and loves Asili water, too.


    It’s a small step, but in many ways the water bottles represent something much more than a simple way to carry water. They show our community that Asili is changing not only their lives, but our team’s as well. That we’re in this together.

    Tomorrow, we’ll see how one simple investment in one of our all-star Asili team members – Mama Salome – changing her life and work for the better.

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