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    Welcoming a Friend

    DAY 43

    Welcome to Minnesota

    Over the past 42 days, we’ve shared one impact every day – all costing less than $500 each to make happen. The projects have taken us from Nakivale and Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlements in Uganda, to rural villages in Democratic Republic of Congo. These changes, while seemingly small, have made a big difference in the lives of people we work with around the globe. And now, we’re jumping to Minnesota where ARC is headquartered. We’re taking this opportunity to work with refugees in our own communities – to welcome, support, and get to know them in a way we don’t always get the chance to do.

    To kick things off, on Day 43 we’re welcoming one of our own – Kay Thi from Thailand.

    Originally from Myanmar, Kay Thi worked for ARC for three years on ARC’s Protection team, bravely giving her support to survivors of violence and working with the community to promote peace. She always dreamed of being resettled in the U.S., but that dream came true for her husband and her two year old daughter first – they were resettled in Minneapolis in 2013. “We were separated for the next four years,” said Kay Thi. Even during this difficult time, Kay Thi found purpose in her work with ARC.

    Just a few months ago, Kay Thi’s paperwork went through and she arrived in Minneapolis, reunited with her family. “I’m so happy to be with my daughter again,” she said.


    Hearing of Kay Thi’s arrival, ARC decided to do something special to welcome her, and to thank her for her years doing amazing work with ARC. We gathered all of our staff at ARC headquarters in Minneapolis – her new Minnesota neighbors – and threw a welcome reception in her honor, complete with Thai food, flowers, and lots of smiles.

    “This is so exciting, my heart is shaking!” said Kay Thi as she was presented with the flowers. “I often wondered in the refugee camp what ARC headquarters was like, and now I know.”

    “I didn’t know what to expect when coming to Minnesota. I’m so happy to come to headquarters and meet everyone and to know your faces, and for people to know me.”


    Welcoming Kay Thi to our offices and into the ARC family was a simple way to show we care – to make her feel at ease in her new home. And this won’t be the last time Kay Thi will come to headquarters – she’s planning on volunteering, too. We’re talking with Kay Thi about how we can put her amazing skills to work.

    Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at how an amazing group of local entrepreneurs are putting their skills toward helping refugees like Kay Thi in Thailand. Stay tuned!

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