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    Recognizing unsung heroes for their love and compassion

    DAY 5

    Thanking Foster Families

    Sometimes the people our team works hard to keep safe are small children. Safe Houses aren’t the right solution for these little ones – they need the loving care and attention of responsible grown-ups.

    Some of the people we most admire are the refugee foster families who take these children into their homes and care for them as their own. In refugee camps, where conditions are incredibly challenging, you don’t have to look far to find an abundance of generosity and love.

    Hooray for Foster Families!


    There are many children in Nakivale settlement who need a nurturing home. Some are orphans, some were separated from their parents and arrived on their own in the settlement, some are in jeopardy, and others may come from families that don’t have the means to care for them. Regardless of the situation, foster families step forward to help.

    Foster families are residents in the settlement, refugees themselves, who volunteer to take in foster kids and treat them as their own. Many of them struggle to feed their own children, to build a life. And yet, they step forward to take care of the most vulnerable among them. They do what they can to make a difference, and that makes all the difference in the world.

    Although these foster families have such a huge impact, they are rarely recognized for this incredible act of generosity. So ARC set out to change that, deciding to do one small thing to let them know that their herculean efforts are appreciated – handing out thank you gifts.


    We visited foster families in their homes, bringing with us a package of gifts and a heartfelt thank you from everyone at ARC for their work and encouraging them to continue. Each face their own set of challenges, but they all have one thing in common – they’re resolute in their commitment to helping in any way they can.

    The foster families received a bucket for household use, a loaf of bread, some sugar, soap, and cookies. Although the gesture was a small one, it was also symbolic. It represents the deep appreciation ARC and the community have for these families, for everything they do, for everything they sacrifice. We wanted them to know their work is not going unnoticed.


    When asked why they continue to take on orphans, despite the challenges it poses to their own families, one mother replied, “I do it out of love.” Her kind and generous spirit is what makes ARC’s work possible. And with this gift, perhaps it will be just a little bit easier to keep that abundance of generosity flowing.

    Tomorrow, we get back to work renewing the safe house – STAY TUNED!

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