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    The ability to reflect and heal in a peaceful, calming environment

    DAY 6

    It Can Be A Beautiful Space

    After the first few days of the makeover, the Safe Houses at Nakivale Refugee Settlement have already come a long way. Instead of empty, harsh rooms, now there’s a fresh coat of paint, furniture, and warm blankets and pillows. The Safe Houses are becoming what they were always meant to be – a place of healing for women who have nowhere else to go.

    But day 6 of the Safe House transformation is about adding those touches that make a house feel like a home. Because just as important as physical comfort is emotional well-being – the ability to reflect and heal in a peaceful, calming, and beautiful environment.


    Before this project the Safe House was stark and empty.

    So the ARC team set out to change all that – by introducing elegant décor to calm and heal. Neutral colors, those that will be easy on the eyes and soothing on the mind, put people at ease. So the team chose colors of nature to fill the rooms – blues, grays, and light greens that mimic the ocean, the daytime sky, and nature. And new taupe curtains to let the breeze in while providing privacy for the families within.


    A large book of calming scenes of nature sits on top of the bedside table. A gray rug adds a warm, serene tone to the floor. Small pops of greenery – three house plants – bring a breath of fresh air and an intimate feeling of safety and calm. And finally, white framed floral art on the wall ties the room together – elegant and beautiful.


    This step might seem unnecessary to some, but we know that surroundings do a great deal to affect a person’s mood. And women who seek shelter in ARC safe houses will be taking the first step to healing – catching their breath, and finding a sense of peace again – and this step was possible for less than $500.

    Tomorrow, we’ll turn our attention not only to the women themselves – but to the kids they bring with them.

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