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    A few renewing and refreshing essentials

    DAY 8


    When we got started with the Safe House Makeover, we didn’t realize all the different things we’d need to make it a healing place for women. But the list kept growing – after all, women who come to the Safe Houses in Nakivale Refugee Settlement have left behind everything.

    So, today we stocked the Safe House with essential items women can use to care for themselves and their young ones, but also with resources for reflection. With the essentials at-hand, they can focus all of their energies on healing.


    Now, each room is outfitted with a Self-Care Kit, which includes a tooth brush, tooth paste, facial wipes, baby wipes, a nail clipper and file, a comb, lotion, sanitary pads, and a wash cloth. These are basic items needed to feel clean and well-kept. Imagine what a simple thing like having clean nails can do to refresh body and spirit and make someone feel even just a bit better. The self-care kits will help women do the little things that can end up having enormous impact.


    And of course, self-care is about more than the physical. It’s about healing emotionally and spiritually as well. For the things that may be too painful to be said aloud – journals and pencils are provided in case guests would like to express their thoughts through writing or drawing. A guest book also sits on the side table. On the first page is a message inviting guests to write, if they so choose, a message of encouragement or wisdom to the next guest. This simple gesture will help to connect women who might be suffering separately, but who can heal, together. And, fresh-scented room sprays are now in each room, filling the space with healing lavender and citrus.

    These new tools, while simple, are meant to do something incredibly important – they’re meant to help women feel confident, like they’re working toward a brighter future for themselves.


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