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    Games for growth and development

    Day 176

    Especially For Them

    We’re back today at Kajaho Primary School in Oruchinga Refugee Settlement. This time we’re with Dorothy Atubasise – teacher in the school’s special unit for Deaf students. The entire community is incredibly proud of the Deaf Unit. It’s rare in Uganda.

    Dorothy and the specially-qualified teachers in the deaf unit have accomplished some amazing things with their students. The children are thriving because teachers like Dorothy are able to give them unique attention and use techniques and teaching tools geared specifically for their development. The students are active members of the larger school community, participating in singing, dance and other groups.

    But one thing that can be hard for the students is participating in sports. Dorothy wanted to find an alternative for her students. So, on June 20, she and her fellow deaf unit teachers ran in the World Refugee Day 5k in nearby Nakivale Refugee Settlement to raise money for indoor games for the Kajaho Deaf Unit.

    Donations came from around the world and Dorothy and her team quickly reached their goal to raise $600 for indoor games. And today, we were able to deliver them a new table tennis table and a supply of board games including: Ludo, checkers, backgammon, chess and snakes and ladders (chutes and ladders in the U.S.).

    “I need to start practicing,” beamed Dorothy. “I’m not very good at these games, but I knew that the children would love them and that it would help them with their schoolwork and strengthening their friendships.”

    Dorothy may not have much time to practice up. Most of her students had never played these games before – but after only an hour of practice, they were the ones giving their teachers the lessons.

    Special thanks to Leah Jaslow, Danae Jaslow McClure and Corey McClure, and John Thomson who gave generously and helped make Dorothy’s dream for her students come true.

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