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    Helping boost confidence in Bidi Bidi

    DAY 76

    Facing a Challenge

    There are so many challenges for women and girls in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement. And the reality for these women – and for millions of women around the world – is that monthly periods are one of those hurdles, another challenge they must struggle to manage.

    This is a big problem that our teams are working to solve. But for Day 76, we’re taking a small first step toward making this time just a little easier on women in Bidi Bidi – by getting them reusable sanitary pads.

    AFRIpads makes unique, cost-effective sanitary pads made of cloth, designed to last over one year of use. Knowing the huge impact that these pads could have on the people we serve, our team met with members of AFRIpads – and we teamed up to distribute 200 pads to the most vulnerable women in the community.

    Selena is one of those women. Injured while fleeing conflict in South Sudan, she not only didn’t have any sanitary pads of her own, she also didn’t have anything to wash the reusable cloth pads we gave her. So, the team realized, we need to distribute washing materials along with the pads, too.

    The pads and cleaning materials won’t solve all the problems these women face, but they’re a start. They’re a sign of goodwill from ARC, that we’re thinking about them and reality of life in the settlement. “The smiles on women’s faces as we handed them the pads, that said it all,” recalled Brent, a 365 team member who helped deliver the pads. “This allows them more freedom, more confidence. This could change everything.”

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