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    The residents of Casa Arcoiris are stuck. We're helping them get out of a rut.

    Day 299

    Get Your Motor Running

    The migrant home, Casa Arcoiris, is relatively new. But you wouldn’t know that by visiting. The community here is really strong and they support each other, not only emotionally and socially but also through shared house duties.

    The house is an intentional living community that provides a safe space and services to LGBT migrants, asylum seekers and deportees. It was founded in the summer of 2018 by a diverse group of activists, and has housed people from all over the world, from Ghana to Iran, Cuba or Jamaica, the community members come with many different experiences.

    When we sat down to talk with the house about what they wanted to do and how, we found out that their car battery had recently been stolen. This meant that the house members’ mobility was somewhat limited, and might prevent them from doing things they would otherwise.

    We made a trip to AutoZone in Tijuana and got a new battery that would get their extra large van and house members out and about again!

    It can feel terrible to be stuck, to be immobile. The residents of Casa Arcoiris may be in limbo as they wait for their cases to be heard at the border, but at least they can get moving in the meantime.

    A bit thanks to ORAM for making this change possible!


    Meet Steve! Steve is the Executive Director for ORAM, the Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration, and member of the Alight family of organizations. Before joining ORAM, Steve served as the Senior Director of Global Initiatives at Out & Equal, the biggest LGBT workplace inclusion non-profit. Steve also launched a non-profit, Alturi, which increases engagement by American donors to organizations improving the lives of LGBT people globally.



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