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    Day 268

    Getting Local

    At ARC, we work on two kinds of problems – the impossible (very big, tough problems) and the doable. Changemakers 365 is all about doing the doable, making small changes that cost no more than $500 a day but make a huge difference in people’s lives. But we’ve discovered that we can do the doable and, at the same time, lay the groundwork for tackling the impossible.

    One of the biggest, toughest problems in Kyangwali is violence against women – trying to prevent it and responding when it does happen. To create solutions that will work and be embraced, we need to meet women and communities where they are. We need to be accessible. But right now, ARC has just one central location where women can come for help. It’s at the center of the settlement, but it’s a 5-6km walk from home for many women.

    Violence against women is one of those big, tough problems our teams work on. In Kyangwali, our team believes that if they can just manage to get locations set up in the settlement’s 4 main zones, they’ll be able to make a huge impact in reducing violence. But tackling impossible problems often means considerable new investment, and there’s no budget for four new offices. So the team is doing the doable…

    With Day 268’s $500 budget, the team has set up a new GBV (gender-based violence) Prevention and Response Center in one additional zone in the camp – nearby the reception center. It’s a simple building, but it’s all we need to be there for women when they need us and to show the community how important it is to make a change.

    “People don’t report cases of violence because of long distances and fear and shame, but if the centre is near, maybe they will,” said ARC team member Denis Gusimiriza. “We’re also really hoping this will improve our relationship with the community. When people continue to see you around all the time, they develop trust, get to understand your work, and are more open to work with you.”

    The team’s goal is to prove that this single GBV Center can make a big enough difference that they’ll be able to open centers in the settlement’s other three zones. And, ultimately make a significant difference in stemming violence. Doing the doable to tackle the impossible.

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