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    A new source of income for women in Nakivale

    Day 22

    Getting Our Ducks in a Row

    A sense of community is important to all of us. Sometimes it’s community created by the family we grew up in, and sometimes community comes from our chosen family.

    In Nakivale Refugee Settlement, it’s easy to find small, tight-knit communities. One is a group called Courageous Women. They were founded by 15 women with the simple yet powerful goal of supporting one another, of being there for each other.

    Many of the women are single mothers, were orphaned as children, or are a part of the albino community. Each of these groups have dealt with their own difficulties, but they’ve decided to come together – to get through the tough times together.

    When we arrived, the group welcomed us quickly into their tight-knit community. We all met in a shaded meeting location they had constructed for the purpose of accommodating community members with sensitive skin.

    Josiane, the chairperson for the group, talked to us about her idea to help the group – ducks.

    “Rearing ducks is a good thing for us,” she said, “it helps us take care of our families and helps us do things like pay school fees and buy clothes. It will also help us fend off hunger and nutrition. Even after one month, you can receive some money from selling the eggs or ducklings. And the eggs will improve nutrition for our children.”

    “This will help me buy things like soap and charcoal because it is difficult for me to get those things,” said Emelyne, another member of the group. “It will help me send my children to school.”

    Josiane and Emelyne had thought this through. So we knew just the thing to do….

    With the addition of ducks for them to raise and sell, these women will be better equiped to support themselves, and each other.

    Josiane was so excited. “With these, we can fight off poverty, and organize our children’s future.”

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