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    Helping the next generation of girls grow up strong

    Day 1

    Girls for Africa

    Sometimes you run across people whose energy and determination sweep you up with them – and you’re automatically along for the ride. For us, those people are Elizabeth, Nyamat, and Tabitha. They’re the incredible women behind Girls for Africa – a mentorship and empowerment group based in Omaha, Nebraska.

    It’s hard to imagine when these women sleep. Originally from South Sudan, they do so much for their community, while at the same time pursuing their own lives and careers, that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day! What fuels them? Coffee probably helps, but mainly, it’s their desire to give back – and to help the next generation of girls grow up strong.

    About a year ago, Elizabeth, Nyamt, and Tabitha started Girls for Africa for middle and high school age girls. Their goal was to create a space where girls can feel comfortable being themselves, and build strong, healthy, and meaningful relationships. It was designed for the South Sudanese community, but it’s also open to any girl interested in empowerment opportunities.

    We were drawn to Girls for African and their incredible mission, and wanted to support their efforts. So we went to Omaha to see the group in action!

    Girls for Africa has grown quite a bit in the past few months. They’re a family of 35 members. They help each other build strong bonds and break down barriers.

    “You can pretty much talk about anything here, openly, and that’s something really special,” said Destiny, one of the high school members.

    Elizabeth, Nyamat and Tabitha told us that now, they want was to feel like a formal group. They had just designed a Girls for Africa logo and wanted t-shirts for the girls that they could wear proudly. So we got to work to get it done!

    Girls for Africa sent us the design, and we ordered the shirts through a local company in Omaha. Then we picked them up in time to surprise the girls at the next group meeting. Once everyone had arrived, the leaders came to the front of the room wearing their shirts and modeled them for the girls. They were ecstatic! They loved the shirts and put them on immediately.

    “Now we’re official!” said Sheran, one of the middle school girls.

    The women of Girls for Africa truly impress and inspire us beyond belief. And we’re thrilled to play even a small role in helping the group grow and show their pride! Stay tuned to see what’s next for these non-stop movers and shakers.

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