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    A little joy and time to play for kids in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

    Day 326

    Giving Thanks, Showing Gratitude

    The kids we’ve met in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement are pretty incredible. They’re resilient. They’re fun. They’re filled with energy.

    But at the same time, life as a refugee kid can be tough. There aren’t a lot of things to do, or many mentors to guide their way. Instead, they make their own fun, and make their way as best they can. But sometimes, it can feel pretty isolating.

    Today, we wanted to do something for these kids to show that we see them – that we’re grateful for them. To thank them for simply being the silly, goofy, playful kids they are. And, to help them burn off some of that extra energy!

    Our teammate Andrew had the perfect idea.

    “Soccer is universal,” he said. “It has no language. It’s all about passing the ball, staying active. And it’s brings these children together. They don’t have a social gathering place. But they have a pitch. So if they have the equipment they’ll come together.”

    Right now, these young people are playing with bundled pieces of cloth and string. So taking Andrew’s lead, we got real soccer balls and soccer equipment for the community of kids we’ve been working with the past week.

    It’s all about encouraging joy, even on the tough days. About giving them a moment to be kids, to be carefree.

    “Sometimes when you’re living in isolation, conflicts can come up,” said Andrew as he passed out the soccer balls. “But when they’re coming together, competing together, spending time together, they address those issues so much more easily. They become a team.”

    These kids have been through a lot. But together, they’ll find a way forward.

    A big thank you to young people in Kyangwali, for being the amazing and inspiring people that you are!

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