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    Welcoming customers, communicating clearly

    Day 14

    Jambo Wandugu!

    For the past 5 years, Asili has built a reputation of reliability. Whether it’s their primary healthcare services or clean water business, people know that when they see the Asili brand, they’re guaranteed to get a product they can trust. 

    The Asili water business currently provides 4.5 million liters of clean water per month to over 140,000 people through 28 water points — that’s a lot of water that people depend on. And part of ensuring that the water is always clean and flowing means doing regular maintenance. It means fixing pipes when needed, and ensuring that the water is always clean, always safe. 

    But sometimes the team needs to close down the water kiosk for maintenance a couple of hours at a time, which can be a disruption to people’s daily routines. So the Asili water team wanted to make sure that their customers knew about the maintenance ahead of time, so that they could plan accordingly. 

    Yesterday, one of Asili’s customers, Remy, had an idea to more clearly communicate this process. And it just so happens that the very next day, the team had plans to do just that! 

    Voila! A brand new sign — made possible by Changemakers 365 – that the water mamas can use whenever the water is shut off for cleaning! Remy’s idea, already put into action. 

    “This is totally about customer care,” said Valery from the Asili team. “They need to know what’s going on. They deserve information so that they can prepare themselves. It’s a way of showing gratitude and respect to clients.” 

    Photos by Lens on Life photographers, Operation Goma (DRC): Kennedy Ngoa and Michel Basizi 

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