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    Simple solar lights provide a measure of safety

    DAY 146

    Lighting Up The Night

    One of our very first Changemaker 365 ideas was to provide lights to one of the safe houses in Nakivale. Now, we are doing that for all of the safe houses in Nakivale – one small step to making the safe houses just a little safer.

    Safe houses offer protection to people fleeing domestic abuse, sexual assault and violence. Like its name suggest, its primary purpose is to offer safety. For someone who has just fled a violent situation or an abusive partner, establishing a sense of security is important. In our own homes, we use many things to keep us safe – security systems, fences, locks and light are just a few.

    While we didn’t have the budget to do everything, Changemakers 365 is about doing what we can. So, with $500 we could do something for the safe houses in Nakivale. With a few solar lights in hand, we headed to our office in Juru, a district of Nakivale, and sat down with Dorica, an ARC Counselor.

    “When someone comes to the safe house, some cannot even manage to access the light. They can’t even buy some paraffin for their lamp,” Dorica explains. “I love this work. To give them hope, that is my passion.”

    The women who come to the safe house have left their homes quickly and many don’t carry anything with them. Without any source of light, going to the latrine at night can be daunting and it can be difficult to feel safe in the night. These small solar lights provide more than light – they give comfort, warmth, and even, hope.

    This change made possible by Cresa.

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