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    Helping pregnant women deliver safely

    DAY 78

    More for Mamas

    Mothers everywhere want the best for their children. And that’s no different in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement, where we work to help mothers provide for their kids. But we also realize that this work starts before a child is even born.

    “When women are pregnant, both the mother and child are vulnerable,” says Lilian, a volunteer with ARC in Bidi Bidi. “They live in distant areas, far from the health center. Sometimes something can happen to her and she needs support.”

    That’s where Mama Kits come in.

    For Day 78, Lilian and her team wanted to provide Mama Kits for some of the most vulnerable women in Bidi Bidi – those who are close to giving birth in the far reaches of the settlement. Designed for pregnant women, these kits have everything they might need in case they deliver far from a clinic – a plastic tarp, soap, a sterile knife for cutting the umbilical chord, cotton and first aid materials, and some instructions in case a trained professional cannot be there.

    All kept in a sealed plastic bag, these kits save lives by preventing infection and other serious complications – no matter where a mother delivers.

    “It’s good for a pregnant mother to have this,” said Lilian. “Sometimes the clinics even run out of supplies. So when it’s time for labor, she brings the content of the Mama Kit herself, and someone can help her deliver safely.”

    The team gave out over 30 kits to pregnant women this time, with plans to deliver more. And the kits had an immediate, life-saving impact. One of the women was seen the very next day, walking to the clinic with her Mama Kit in hand. She delivered the baby safely.

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