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    Helping single mothers see their babies at night

    Day 57

    Night Lights

    If you’ve raised a child or have been close to someone who has, you know that taking care of a baby is a 24/7 job. Day or night, little ones need to be fed, their diapers changed, or simply soothed back to sleep. But imagine that on top of sleepless nights, you have to juggle everything in total darkness.

    That’s the reality for many parents in Nakivale Refugee Settlement. “The majority of people don’t have power in their houses,” says Doreck, an ARC counselor in Nakivale. “At night, when women go to breastfeed their babies, and sometimes they need to clean their babies, they can’t see them.”

    There’s one group of women in particular who could really use some extra support – single, breastfeeding mothers who have faced trauma. This is a group that ARC works with in Nakivale, helping them get back on their feet. So, we wanted to solve at least one problem for them – giving them light at night.

    “These women have been deserted, and have gone through very difficult situations,” said Doreck. “A lot of them are only teenagers. We counsel and guide them. But the needs are great.”

    Thanks to The Shine on Project and everyone who gave the gift of light this past holiday season, we were able to provide 50 Watts of Love headlamps to single mothers!

    “This is really going to help them,” said Doreck. “It’s going to improve on their hygiene at night for their children, or anything else that comes up unexpectedly.”

    These moms have been through a lot. And this gift is small. But it’s a reminder that we see them – and that we care. It’s a small step toward making their days – and nights – a little brighter.

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