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    Helping one leader make dreams come true

    Day 347

    Paul for President

    Everyone has that one friend who’s always coming up with big ideas and big dreams. They have a passion for life – and making everyone’s life around them better, too. In Nakivale Refugee Settlement, that person is Paul Mushao.

    Paul is the president of the local Rotaract club in Nakivale. Rotaract is a community service club for youth that’s part of the Rotary universe. And Paul’s club is the first ever Rotaract club in a refugee camp – he led the effort to get it off the ground. He’s known for his “make it happen” attitude and for having an unending list of dreams he wants to accomplish.

    We’re all about doing the doable at ARC. So naturally, we were drawn to Paul – someone who lives his life to the fullest, and lifts other people up along the way.

    Paul’s Rotaract club gives back to the Nakivale community by supporting refugees in their dreams. But it also does so much more. It gives club members a feeling of belonging, an identity, a purpose, and meaning, all while doing some good for their neighbors and friends.

    “The club has brought people together to share ideas and come up with solutions,” said Paul. “It’s like a family.”

    On Day 347, we wanted to show Paul how much we appreciate his incredible leadership by helping him cross one of his dreams – and the dreams of the Rotaract members – off the list. That dream? Helping some of his Rotaract members expand their women-run sewing business – by getting them a brand new embroidery machine.

    With this new machine the women will be able to create and sell more clothes, which will in turn help them earn enough money to expand their shop. Right now, the shop is pretty cramped. Everyone shuffles in and out – you can barely move! The hope that with some added income, they’ll be able to get a bigger space, with more ladies sewing and even more machines.

    “I’m really proud to see them moving forward and growing,” said Paul. “It’s so good to help them achieve their goals.”

    THANK YOU Paul, for your thoughtfulness and selflessness. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing for and with communities in Nakivale!

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