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    Creating a safe space for Jamila and her community

    DAY 109

    Peace of Mind

    The Eastleigh neighborhood of Nairobi is full of doers. And Jamila is one of them. She’s young, driven, and she’s changing minds in Eastleigh. “If I give you food but I don’t listen to you, have your needs been met? People think that basic necessities are all that is needed for survival, but without good mental health, you can’t survive in these places. You cannot.”

    Jamila is a counselor. And day by day, she’s changing the perception of mental health in the Somali refugee community. Every Saturday, you’ll find her offering counseling services across ages and genders, and slowly overcoming barriers.

    We believe deeply in the importance of the work Jamila is doing. But we also know that for her generosity to continue to spread, she needs a reliable space to talk comfortably with her clients. And sometimes the funds to pay the rent at can be hard to come by. So we thought we could support Jamila in a small way – by helping her with rent.

    With rent covered for a few months – and with a little extra resources at hand – Jamila can save up some money and feel more secure in her work. Knowing that she’ll have a place to counsel has given Jamila herself peace of mind.

    “Like a little bit of perfume, something beautiful and good slowly spreads,” says Jamila. She knows that the power in her work lies in changing lives and perceptions, one person at a time.

    With just a little effort, we can support an incredible person who is already doing so much for her neighbors. We can show her that her work is seen and profoundly appreciated by not just her community, but by people around the world.

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