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    Bringing joy to kids at Bidi Bidi

    DAY 70

    Singing is Free

    In Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement in Uganda, ARC runs several volunteer-powered centers where people can come and be guided toward the resources they need. From counseling after a trauma, to helping someone cope with an abusive relationship, to figuring out how to get adequate food and shelter, these volunteers help families get back on their feet. And while all this is happening, there are almost always lots of kids nearby.

    “These kids love to hang around here,” said Vivien, a volunteer at one of the centers. “They are always laughing. Giggling, hopping.”

    Vivien had an idea – we should sing with these kids, spend some extra time with them, when they come with their parents to the center. So on Day 70, we’re bringing Vivien’s idea to life.

    We asked Vivien why she thought singing with kids would be a good idea. “You know from their country of origin, moving on a dusty road, reaching reception and sleeping alongside hundreds of people…when we receive them they need to feel loved.

    Making it happen was simple – in one afternoon, Vivien taught the kids new songs and dances, sharing some great laughs as the children showed off their moves.

    Not only is this an energizing activity for the kids, it helps Vivien to do her work well, too. “This is like a bridge for me and the community,” she said. “They trust me. I’ve been free and friendly to them and they will be excited to come talk to me.”

    Dozens of little ones joined Vivien in the fun, smiles from ear to ear, as they eagerly practiced the songs and dances.

    “It was beautiful,” Vivien said afterward. “I feel excited because I did something today. I made a change.”

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