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    Making something beautiful

    DAY 82

    Starting a Business

    If you’ve ever started your own business, you know that it takes a lot of work. And time. And energy. And even your own capital. Now imagine that in an instant, all that was pulled out from under you – and you were forced to begin again in a new place. How would you get started?

    “In Sudan, we owned businesses,” said Dina, the leader of a group of women in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement. “But now? We own zero.” She’s brought together women who have the gift of using their hands to make beautiful things, like necklaces, clothes, bags, and more. But they were missing the materials to practice their handicrafts.

    Jamal – an ARC volunteer in Bidi Bidi – wanted to do something to help. So for Day 82 we sat down with them and came up with a list of things they needed. Things that will help them to start a new chapter in their lives.

    The women knew exactly what they wanted – beads, thread, scissors, and fabric. So we gathered the materials and went to meet the group. They were waiting for us under the shade of a tree – their usual meeting place. And once they saw us approach, joy abounded. Song and laughter filled the air as the news spread from woman to woman. They knew that this marked a turning point – a reason to hope.

    “This will help young girls like me to survive on our own, instead of waiting for men to provide,” said Esther, a member of the group.

    Jamal works with women like Esther and Dina every day. He sees firsthand the depth of what they’ve lost, but also their potential to achieve. He sees a spark in them. And with this gift – this small change – that spark can ignite.

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