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    "Come, let's talk..."

    DAY 73

    Starting a Conversation

    People living in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement have no place to access the internet. They can’t research anything, or find out more information – besides asking their friends and neighbors who have as little information as they do. There’s no easy way to find out who’s who, or who can help you with what you need. It’s easy to imagine how confusing and frustrating that is for a refugee.

    But in Bidi Bidi and across Uganda, the ARC team wants to be that guide for the refugee community – to start a conversation and keep the lines of communication open. We invite the sharing of ideas, of input from everyone. But without a way to recognize who we are, it can be difficult to start talking.

    So on Day 73, Festo – one of our volunteers in Bidi Bidi – had a simple idea. Get the volunteers bright, vibrant t-shirts that no one will be able to miss!

    “I didn’t think about why t-shirts would be so important at first,” said Brent, a 365 team member on the ground in Bidi Bidi. “But it’s all about trust. How do you know who you can ask for help? We want people to talk to us, but if they don’t know who we are, how can they?”

    The team sat down together and decided on bright yellow vests and red t-shirts that say, “Come, let’s talk” on the front. This warm, inviting phrase lets the community know that these are people they can go to, that they can trust. And in turn, the team just might inspire them to make positive changes in their community, in their families, and in their own lives.

    The volunteers were thrilled to get the t-shirts – they were just what these young advocates wanted. Not only do the shirts help refugees, they make this amazing group of volunteers feel real pride in their work. In the incredible – doable – things they do for refugees, each and every day.

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