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    The Nakivale Acrobats Get An Upgrade

    Day 173

    Staying in Balance

    The Nakivale Acrobats are one of the more unexpected groups you find in Nakivale Refugee Settlement – a group of young men walking on tight rope, tumbling, juggling and contorting to the Oohs and Ahhs of visitors and settlement residents alike.

    On June 20, the Acrobats were one of those 41 teams of Nakivale youth who turned out to run in the World Refugee Day 5k to raise money to make their dreams happen. Their dream? To have more professional materials and be able to teach youngsters the skills they know. And they’d even like to travel to Europe or the U.S. someday to show people what they can do.

    With the equipment they had that wouldn’t be possible. They needed mats so beginners had a soft place to land. Their tightrope was a few segments of hardware store rope pieced together and strung between two trees. And they didn’t have any of the juggling equipment that others who practice their craft have access to.

    But when they reached their goal we were able to deliver them all of the equipment they had asked for. “We are so happy! We can’t wait,” said Patrick, the team Captain. “We are a family. Now we’ll be able to teach others who want to learn what we do and make our family bigger. Thank you!”

    The Nakivale Acrobats now have a new slackline tightrope, 9 juggling clubs, 2 mats for tumbling and beneath the highwire, and 2 diabolo sets.

    A very special thanks to those who made the Acrobats’ dreams come true – donations from Jon Atwell, KJ Kindler, Mark Bayuk, AA, Rebecca Amidon, Chris Kindler and Air Traffic (Mall of America Location).

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