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    "I want to be a force of real good."

    Day 265

    Take a Weight Off

    As anyone who has moved a lot of furniture knows, it can be a lot of heavy lifting. And with all these home move-ins, we were starting to feel like we were moving friend after friend into a new place and getting a little worn out.

    We needed someone who could help take some of the—very literal—weight off of our back, and this is where one of our volunteers, Derek, stepped in.

    When our muscles were starting to fatigue, Derek was able to step in and help us with a lot of the heavy lifting. Derek came many times to help, whether that was organizing and packing boxes at our office or carrying couches and beds into the new apartments.

    In one instance, a family was moving to a different unit in the same building and none of our staff were able to go. Derek went without us, making the time to make a difference in this family’s life.

    “John Coltrane said, ‘I want to be a force of real good’ – a credo that I try to subscribe to in my life,” said Derek. “Alight has allowed me an avenue to have a humble and direct impact through their refugee resettlement efforts. I’s an endeavor that we all as Minnesotans can share in, welcoming people from all over the world to our communities and helping to ensure that they have the support they might need. Diversity is our strength and the pursuit of equity benefits us all.”

    We couldn’t agree more!  

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