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    Teaching young women in Eastleigh how to henna

    DAY 110

    The Art of Healing

    Yesterday we met Jamila, an incredible young woman in the Eastleigh neighborhood of Nairobi who is a beacon of light in her community. On top of counseling people who are suffering from mental illness, she does what she can to help other young women in Eastleigh become more independent and stay emotionally healthy, too.

    On Day 110, Jamila had an idea. Henna “tattoos” are a popular way for Somalia women to mark celebrations on the weekend – festivals, weddings, community gatherings, and holidays are all times when henna is demand in Eastleigh. So, Jamila thought, what we if held a workshop and helped young women learn the art of henna?

    We thought this was a great idea.

    Together with Jamila, we gathered 20 young women in the community – all women who live in the Eastleigh neighborhood and who need low-barrier ways to make cash. And Jamila set about teaching these women how to do makeup, and of course, perfect the art of henna.

    As the women worked, Jamila talked to them. She asked about their lives, their worries, their hopes for the future. They opened up and told her about the trauma they’ve experienced as refugees. The time spent together proved to be a way to both strengthen their future – and help them heal from their past.

    Jamila is a mover and a shaker, the type of person who can energize and inspire each person she meets along her journey. With just a little support from us – one day spent boosting her generosity – we were able to see some of that light shine even brighter. Spread to even more people. It was a day well spent.

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