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    Shining a light on a group whose works starts very early

    Day 56

    The Break of Dawn

    In Nakivale, many people’s livelihood is farming. And just like farming anywhere else, they sometimes have to start early – really early. “People get to their fields even at 4:15am,” said Andrew from the ARC Uganda team. “It’s very dark at that time.”

    But there’s a problem. In the refugee settlement, there’s not a lot of reliable access to electricity. People sometimes use flashlights to get around during the darkest hours, but batteries run out.

    There’s one group of self-starters who’ve formed a farming cooperative – and are kicking butt in the process. Their crops are thriving, they’re working together well. So, we thought, with just a little bit of light early in the morning – how much further could they go?

    One farmer named Mwindo joined the group because he wanted to be a part of change. “We want to improve our lives,” he said, standing in front of their field filled with small green tomatoes. “Together, we harvest what we have here, sell it, and then put that money back into the group, sharing with everyone. That way, we can all cover things like school costs, medicines, and more seeds.”

    With Watts of Love headlamps, made possible by The Shine on Project, we were able to give Mwindo and the rest of the members of this incredible cooperative a little extra light to guide their way.

    “Their field is right in front of a lake, and it’s far away from their homes,” said Andrew. “This way, they can get to their fields safely, avoiding critters like snakes, before the sun comes up. This is one challenge we can help them overcome. “

    “We’re very optimistic about tomorrow,” said Mwindo. “We can continue to grow and reach more and more refugees with our work.”

    And hopefully, with this small boost, they can reach them just a little bit faster.

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