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    Helping our friends at Medical Teams International see their patients a bit better

    Day 55

    The Doctor Is In

    For the next few days, we’re thinking about the power of light. Especially in a place like Nakivale Refugee Settlement, which is cloaked in darkness when the sun goes down. What can access to even just a small amount of light do for someone in Nakivale? How could it change their lives?

    In refugee camps, access to reliable light can also mean access to better healthcare. And the clinic team at Medical Teams International know that all too well.

    “We struggle with power here,” said Kate, the nurse in charge at the MTI clinic. “If the generator is down, then you’re in a fix. We also use the power grid. But it’s not reliable. This is very difficult at night, when needs are so high. There’s nothing you can do. Sometimes we have no choice but to keep working in the dark.”

    Luckily, thanks to The Shine on Project, there was something we could do to help.

    We gathered the MTI teams together for a little surprise – HEADLAMPS! And not just any headlamps. Solar-powered lamps from Watts of Love. The entire team got one of their own. Kate was ecstatic.

    “I’m going to start using these immediately!” she said. “This is such a wonderful idea. These will really come in handy for us. And in doing this, you’ve helped not only the staff but the refugees who come here for treatment.”

    But Kate also had a question. “I’m a bit puzzled,” she said. “How did you get the idea to do this?” So we explained how the amazing team at The Shine on Project mobilized hundreds of people in Minnesota and across the U.S. to give the gift of light this past holiday season. And now we were delivering their goodwill to Nakivale.

    Kate was amazed. “Wow,” she said. “That’s really amazing.” She was shocked by the idea that someone so far away could care so much about her, her colleagues, and the refugees she serves. That they could have an immediate and powerful impact on her work.

    And the headlamps are truly a gift that will keep on giving. “These will go a long long way in bridging the challenges we have here. It’s so nice.”

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