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    Thanking Dr. George

    Day 348

    The Doctor Is In

    One of the major things we do at Nakivale Refugee Settlement is help to look after those who have experienced trauma and violence. We help them process their experiences and get the support they need to move forward and stay protected. But we couldn’t do it without one person – Dr. George.

    Dr. George works for Medical Teams International. They’re our health partner in Nakivale, working alongside us in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence. They treat victims who need medical attention and make sure they get connected to our teams who can work with them to restore emotional health once they heal physically.

    But Dr. George is speical. “Whenever we refer cases to MTI,” said Jimmy from the ARC team. “He makes sure that they get supported immediatley. He goes out of his way to treat the patients kindly and with respect. He makes our work easy.”

    For Day 348, we wanted to do something to surprise Dr. George – a gift of gratitude, for all that he does for refugees at the settlement.

    We put together a gift package for Dr. George that included a refresh for the classic tools that are as special as he is – a top-of-the-line, brand new stethoscope and a white doctor’s jacket, embroidered with his name on the right-hand side.

    “Usually most other health workers may not give them that much attention, but Dr. George gives all the clients much attention, he’s one of the people that hasn’t forgotten the ethics of the medical ethics,” said Sonia, another ARC teammate.

    Treating patients with dignity and respect is just as important to a survivor’s recovery process as taking care of their physical care and needs. Dr. George provides both.

    Thank you, Dr. George, for serving refugees when they need you the most – and caring for them at their most vulnerable time.

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